Xmas at my brother’s place in 2011

Published December 26, 2011 by Gust MEES

Monday December 26, 2011

Celebrating Xmas together with my brother and my niece (3 years old)…

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Image slideshow shows the meal and also the study about the new game, my Xmas gift to my niece… An educational game, for more info about this game and other 21st century educational orientated games check here please:


My Xmas at home 2011

Published December 24, 2011 by Gust MEES


My spouse and myself are celebrating Xmas on December 24, 2011 alone at Home. Tomorrow (December 25. 2011) we celebrate Xmas with my spouses family where there will be 14 persons invited. Normally my mother in law, which is a very nice person actually and which I accept as my second mother; she deserves it as she is a really nice person; was every years cooking and inviting the whole family on their place…

But since she got different surgeries and the main surgery who was a triple bypass (heart surgery) I suggested to the whole family to celebrate Xmas every year on a different place and not involving anymore my mother in law for cooking. She deserve this, with 76 years old and with that heavy surgery NO WAY anymore to let her work…

This is now the third year that we (the family) are celebrating Xmas this way… On the beginning my proposition wasn’t get that well accepted, but now everybody is happy with it… Family meeting every year on somebodies (children…) home, so also everybody can contribute to a family feast and everybody from us pays its part to cover the cost. No more gifts for adult people, only to the children and the parents and parents in law… Enjoying it being together in family, the most important anyway 🙂

On December 26, 2011 my spouse and myself will celebrate Xmas on my brother’s home where I will have also big fun again with my 3 year old niece… This procedure we are keeping it alive every year to make sure family will meet…

Here below how my spouse and myself were celebrating Xmas at home…

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On the menu were:

Apéritif: Champagne (Pommery)

  • Starters
    • small toasts
    • Foie Gras
    • White wine (Muscat) who fits best with the Foie Gras

Main Menu:

  • Fondue Bourgignone
  • Salad
  • Red wine “Amarone” who fits best with the Fondue Bourgignone

This year no “digestifs“, no hard alcohol because of my recent surgeries; 2 surgeries in 3 month time 😦

Xmas Market in Luxembourg City (Europe)

Published December 18, 2011 by Gust MEES



As already said in previous post, I visited two Xmas Markets in Luxembourg today, one in Dudelange who was a Medieval Xmas Market and an other one in Luxembourg-City… Here below the photos who will give you my impressions from that market… I love such market atmosphere, Xmas music played, children who are singing, meeting people… A relaxed atmosphere, great…

But what do I talk that much, just watch the photos and you will understand…

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Medieval Xmas Market in Dudelange (Luxembourg)

Published December 18, 2011 by Gust MEES


As I am from Luxembourg (Europe) I will post some stuff about my country Luxembourg (Europe) to show you a bit from this beautiful country… As it is nearly Xmas, so I profit to show you some Xmas Markets which I visited… I like the atmosphere on medieval markets, meeting new people, meeting some friends on those markets and talk together with a good glass of Glühwein and/or Met and sometimes also beer brewed as on the middle age…

Meanwhile when watching the slideshow of photos from the medieval market in Dudelange, listen to this nice Xmas song to get the right atmosphere… 🙂

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